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About Tattoo

Tattoo – the process of applying a permanent pattern on the body, performed by the method of injecting a coloring pigment under the skin. The history of the first documented tattoo, has more than 60,000 years, the very term “tattoo” is borrowed from the Polynesian languages ​​and begins its history in 1773. At that time, the tattoo was not only an ornament, the patterns on the body were a sign of social belonging, tribe and kind. Ancient people believed that each tattoo has magical power and protects against evil spirits.

In our time, tattoo has become a popular means of expression and a way to decorate your own body. Every year, the popularity of tattoos only grows and more and more people around the globe join this privileged club. A colossal set of techniques, tattooing, a variety of styles, as well as modern means of applying a permanent pattern, will not leave indifferent even the pickiest client.

Tattoo shop «DropinShop» – is a workshop that stood at the origins of the modern tattoo. We have developed and improved along with the art of tattooing, so now we can offer our customers only the best! Experienced tattoo artists, modern equipment from the best manufacturers in the world, absolutely sterile furnishings – everything, so that your tattoo application session will go perfectly, and a fresh tattoo will please you for many years.