Xoil my artist name is not as mystical as you might think. It comes from a spelling error in my first name Loic and to joke my friends called me that.

I started hanging out in the street shop on my street in the south of France and it was there that I started tattooing when I was 18 and my passion was born. At the beginning, I worked a lot in squats, it was the only way to get skin and make my hand.

When I opened my shop in Thonon, I was a good technician, but I lacked an artistic culture. It was my first apprentice, Olive, who graduated from art school, who enriched me and introduced me to digital work. I then developed the photoshop collage. Thanks to this new style I stood out and social media allowed me to work around the world.

Subsequently I was approached by different brands such as Gap, Peugeot or Romain Jérôme which allowed me to transpose my art on other supports. I am constantly in artistic evolution and in creative development.